2012 Christmas Light Show

Post date: Dec 4, 2012 5:25:27 AM

This is my 4 year to do a musical Christmas Light Show. I am using the Gemmy 12 plug 6 channel Light Show.

This year I have wrapped our trees with more detail and trimmed out the yard in lights. I have also added garland lights on the balcony. The Nativity and the balcony lights are always on, because the number of lights hooked up to the Gemmy boxes is pushing the limit for amps. I blew both fuses and replaced them with 250v 10amp fuses. They seem to be working fine.

I will post the hookup listing later. This unit is two separate boxes each with 6 plugs, however each plug is synchronized with a plug on the other box, I have mine labeled 1 - 6.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas everyone.